Department Objectives

A Police Organization is established by law and its members serve those whose personal conduct they may be called upon to regulate, enforce laws and ordinances passed by the representatives of those same people. The primary objectives of the Police Department are:
to prevent crime;
to protect life and property;
to apprehend and prosecute violators of the law;
to regulate non-criminal conduct; and
to preserve the peace. 
The letter of the law determines what a Police Officer must do to faithfully discharge the obligations imposed by his Oath of Office but does not encompass the consequences which arise from the practical application of these principles.
Since it is not possible to anticipate every situation that may arise or to prescribe the specific course of action to requisite for each case, the exercise of common sense and good judgement by those entrusted with law enforcement must be relied upon to make the Police Service equitable and effective. An understanding of human behavior and application of common sense will go far toward the realization of the primary police objectives. 
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